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About Us


About the Doctor

DR. Vikram Raya is leading edge cardiologist pushing the boundaries of what normal medical care can provide. He is taken an avid interest in preventing and actually reversing heart disease and diabesity. Diabesity is the spectrum of disease also known scientifically as metabolic syndrome that affects 65% of Americans which starts with insulin resistance, belly fat and ends in severe diabetes requiring insulin. In 95% of cases this is a lifestyle disease. It results in hypertension, stroke and  heart attack, pre maturing aging, infertility/sexual dysfunction, obesity, early dementia and cancer.

Dr. Raya began his journey with goal of becoming the first person in his family to enter the health care profession. After seeing his grandfather die of massive heart attack in a rural village in India and seeing many others suffer the same fate, he fervently pursued a career in medicine and cardiology. He trained at Emory University in Atlanta for his undergraduate training. He then completed medical school the Medical college of Georgia. Moving on to the Nation’s capitol he attended prestigious Georgetown University for his internal medicine residency. He then focused his energies on cardiology by completing a research year at Medstar Washington hospital center, one the premier cardiovascular institutes in the country. Dr. Raya then proceeded to attend University of Wisconsin/Aurora St. Lukes Medical center where he was selected as Chief Cardiology fellow.

As he began practicing cardiology he was seeing patients, friends, and family members undergoing typical medical care with unacceptable results. His own father collapsed in front of him with severe heart disease, despite seeing numerous medical professionals who deemed him to be in good health. Patients were getting symptoms treated not their system. The old “pill for an ill” approach was not getting the job done.  With long hours in his residency, brutal call schedules, multi-tasking to the max and presuming he was living a “healthy lifestyle” he went for an insurance physical only to find out he had elevated cholesterol, his weight had ballooned 25 lbs heavier, plus he was suffering from chronic fatigue, pre-hypertension, belly fat and diabesity.  Instead of following typical medical advice and starting Vitamin – L “Lipitor” he began re-examining everything. From his sleeping habits, to his daily routine, to the “healthy eating’ he was supposedly doing. He discovered functional integrative medicine, an approach to treating the root cause of disease, illness, and imbalance. By adopting a Mediterranean diet, with emphasis on more plant based protein and fruits, almost eliminating all sodas, pastries, sugary items, and doing a tri-fold fitness regimen, he cured his cholesterol dropped to 3 inches off his waist and has emerged completely recharged and vital.

He now practices in Maryland with Capitol Cardiology Associates, with 2 offices in Lanham and Clinton Maryland with passionate seminar and public speaking circuit emphasizing the role of diet in lifestyle and the seemingly impossible strategy of reversing diabesity, hypertension, and heart disease.

Dr. Raya lives in Northern Virginia with his 2 amazing young boys and his wife a practicing rheumatologist and enjoys, martial arts, yoga, travel, meditations, cooking, and has competed in Tough Mudder a grueling 12 mile military style obstacle course, often referred to as the Toughest event on the planet.


Our Locations

If you live in the metro area, you can stop by one of our offices for a health and well being consultation. However, don’t worry if you don’t live near us. The majority of our information and services are available on this website, and we list events you can attend nationwide.

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