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10 Tips to Blast away those Pounds

  • August 27, 2014
  • By drvikramraya

Struggling to shift those last few pounds? Sick of pounding the treadmill and living off carrots? Don’t despair! There are are some more ways you can finally get rid off the final pounds without starving or exhausting yourself:

sport woman starting running. Speed effect.

1. Slow down the weight loss. Aim for a 1 to 2 pound per week loss, just enough to fuel workout performance and recovery, and keep your metabolism working, which is vital for weight loss.

2. Alternate your calorie intake. This just means eating more calories on some days and less on others to determine the number of calories that works best for your goals.  Pay very close attention to your body’s performance and keep alternating up (or down, it works both ways) until you reach your goal weight and performance goals.

3. Don’t eat right before you train. Work out three to five hours after your last meal –  This ensures you’ve been able to convert that meal to muscle glycogen, so you can train your hardest and maximize your body’s ability to use fat for fuel.

4. Eat less, more often.Small but frequent meals will keep your blood sugar steady in order to stave off binge eating.

5. Go easy after a fast. Exercising on an empty stomach also improves fat mobilization and is a good way to burn some extra calories and not negatively affect your hard training session of the day.


6. Eat protein. High-protein diets increase the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel.

7. Keep the carbs.  Carbs are not the enemy! They fuel both your muscles and your brain but you should be careful about how much you eat as  excessive carbs are stored in adipose tissue (visible body fat).

8. Good fat is good. Dietary fat is vital for performance-enhancing hormone production, which is key for both muscle gain and fat loss. Your  diet should hyper-focus on the healthiest choices: fish, avocados, olives, nuts, and seeds.

Avocado slices

9. No Junk! This is pretty self explanatory.

10. Vary your diet. Variety is the spice of life. You need a varied diet throughout the year to keep you at optimum health. Essentially, don’t keep your diet super-lean all the time.

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