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Reduced my Blood Pressure!

I just wanted to share my dramatic reduction in my Blood Pressure, after I started working with Dr. Raya. He put me on a cardio/treadmill program and I started lifting weights after so many years. I also adopted the Mediterranean diet and whole food program and It has made a dramatic difference in my weight, blood pressure, and energy levels. Thank you. Wakeen S.


Dr. Raya has been an absolute transformational figure. My cholesterol levels from Nov 2013 were extremely elevated. Over the past 5 months under his care and without the use of statins/cholesterol meds I have dropped by LDL 50+ points, my Total cholesterol 80+ points, and my Triglycerides 40+ points. 

I lost 61 Pounds!

Because of Dr. Raya, I am much healthy and I lost 61 lbs in 6 weeks. I have utilized his OPTMIZE plan which completely changed how I live, eat, work out. I have so much more energy. My life has completely transformed. Thank you again. Leon D.

Very impressed!

Keep up the good work, very impressed with the attitudes and care provided by Dr. Raya and his great staff. Charles M.

Makes you feel comfortable

Dr. Raya is very thorough is his delivery of superb health information. He is an excellent doctor and he makes you feel very comfortable. His concern for patients is very gratifying and refreshing. His office staff is very courteous. Dominique E.

I’ve learned so much!

I love Dr. Raya and the staff in the Clinton Office! I have learned so much and my numbers are really improving. Thanks again! Tasha H.

I’ve lost weight!

HI Doc! Because of you, I started a daily walking program based on DVD’s I found on Amazon.com. I have lost an impressive amount of weight and my energy levels have doubled. Thanks again for believing in me. Tell your patient to keep moving forward. Trust me… if I can do it…ANYONE CAN! Janice A.

Thanks for the dedication!

Thank you Dr. Raya for educating and guiding me toward all the magnificent health resources including the blood sugar solution cookbook. I have used it many times. I am learning new recipes and look forward to my family and I getting healthier. Thank you so much for your dedication and support. Brenda L.


As a patient of Dr. Raya, I have learned a great deal about my health. He has enlightened me with his knowledge of how to eat, exercise, and overall attain a healthy lifestyle. I thank him so much -  Darryl R.


Dr. Raya came to see me in the hospital when I was admitted for very high blood pressure. He was so kind and gentle and really excited about me changing bad habits for good ones. His visit made me change so many things in my life. 2 months later I feel great, I have lost 14 pounds and work out everyday. Dr. Raya is Awesome! - Darlene  

Excellent Doctor!

Dr. Raya is an excellent doctor. His energy and encouragement motivates me to continue to lose weight and improve my blood pressure and overall health. He teaches and takes his to explain in details how to maintain great health. I would recommend Dr. Raya to any cardiac patient. - Philomena

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